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Manufacture and assembly is carried out at the production centre at Uttendorf in Austria, 35 minutes drive north of Salzburg.

Currently the centre can accommodate up to 20 units of production at one time, although this can be readily increased and much of the interior components are manufactured using automation. it takes approximately 3 months to manufacture and deliver a micro home. The structure, floor, walls and roof are made from timber for lightness, economy and to minimise carbon emissions.

In special cases such as helicopter delivery an aluminium frame is used. Approximately 30% of the weight of a standard micro home (2.2 tons approx. the same as a Bentley Continental) is plywood and timber framing.

While the micro homes are being assembled, the site is prepared with services, simple pad foundations, pathways and planting. Immediately before truck delivery of the 2.6m cube the aluminium subframe is installed on site and the micro home is usually lifted into place using a portable crane which minimises damage to the landscape.

The o2 student village of seven micro homes was delivered using only two trucks, the micro homes are shrink-wrapped to protect during transport.